Bình THuận: position and forces

Situated at the convenient transportation position, with the sea border longed of 192km, the PHU MY island district and a lot of small islands, bays, warm weather in all the year, having the strict relationship with the south eastern and situated in the area influences of south important economic delta, formed Binh Thuan- center Vietnam…the good advantages to develop a multiple economics belonged to the sea,especially the services and tourim, rthe big volumn industrial zones to develop agri-forest-seafood.
Average GDP grow rate in the period of 2001-2005 atteint 13.8%/year, which the industry of construction growed nearly 16.2%/year, agri-forest-seafood increase 7.5%/year.
Until now all the provinces have 841 investment projects which are accepted and still have effects, 402 projects in tourim investment take nearly 83%of the province investment total capital, 178 industry-services investment projects, 160 agri-forest-seafood investment projects.
The strong advantages of Binh Thuan areas also in petroleum with a lot of petrol mines with the big volumn making the good condition to set up and develop petroleum industry. The industry grow average more than 15%/year.
Binh Thuan is one of 3big seafood market of Vietnam, well known as the best of the country such as the most beautiful sanddune of Mui New: Phan Thiet-resort capital more than 78 resorts(72% resorts in the country)and hundred of accommodation rated from 1 to 4 stars, 2 golf with the international standards in running.
 Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, KHanh Hoa, Dong Nai, and Hochiminh city have the very important positions, roles in the country economic-society development strategy. The Hochiminh city-Dau giay-Phan Thiet-Nha trang highway in the urgent technical infrastructure article. This March 2008, transportation deputy minister Ngo Thinh Duc got the leading idea to consultants to perform all the Daugiay-Phan Thiet 128km long, 6 lines highway project intention.
Commerce opportunities-relationship setting-experience sharing forum of investors, commercants in Binh Thuan meeting 2008. Phan Thiet in Nov/2008.
AMCE organized especially first time in Binh Thuan for national and international investors had the intention, is having the intention for investment, commerce in the province, biggest and interested in Vietnam. Forum “Binh Thuan meeting 2008” will be the bridge and will form the good conditions for companies in different locals and in the world to have the good connection opportunities,volumn. Now, there are a lot of investors interesting and asking the leading investment plans for the international airport development to welcome the E level airplanes such as Boeing 747, Airbus 340.
Until 2010, the targets are to finish the sea long city routes of 706B from Phan Thiet to Mui Nr, to modernize the sea ports: Phan Thiet and Phu Quy. In the near future, Binh Thuan would have the international standard modern express train hire from Hochiminh city to Phan Thiet to Nha trang.
The sea resources help Binh Thuasn developing the export seafood processing and planting. The province has 7000 fishing boats, the annual average volumn is 150000tonnes. More than 100 export seafood processing manufacturers for the Japanese, European, Singapore markets… Earlierly finished in construction the Lagi seafood transaction, introduction center, PhanriCua commercial center. Targeting for the 5 year 2006-2010 period, the average export value increases about 17-18%. Last year, the whole province manufacturing value atteints more than 3200 milliards dong, increasing 10% compared to the last year. Especially, in this first quarter, the industrial manufacturing value atteints more than 1000 milliards dong, increasing nearly 29% compared to the first quarter of 2007. In the electric industry, the Vinh tan electric center project in the Tuy Phong district including 3 carton thermo electric factory with total manufacturing capacity of 44000mW is signed.
Now, the province has 2 hydroelectric factories: Ham THuasn-Dami(475MW)-DaiMinh(300MW) and a lot of small and average hydro electric are the stable sourcing,adapting well to the manufacturing demands. In the province, now, there are 3 petrol mines, Rang Dong, Black Tiger and Rubi under exploration. 2 mines: White Tiger and Yellow Tiger are in the preparation of exploration.
Besides, the province develops strongly the agricultural products such as 30000ha…;20000ha rubber,2000ha peppers…Dragon Fruits, special products of Binh Thuan has the annual average capacity of 140000tonnes, with 50% for exportation the forestry resources are abundant with the wood stock capacity about21-22 million m3, multiple animals,trees, with the high value.
The Binh Thuan strong points are the abundant young workforce with the labor rate of 58.7%. The civilization rate increase very fast. The province focuses in the investment development. The city population forecast would be about 40-42% in the year 2010 and about 60% in the year of 2020.
Binh Thuan province will create all the advantaged conditions to investors by the open policies, administration clarification, to publish about the planification informations, land using plans, investment provilegement policies, to create good methods of investment from land contracts. Binh Thuan has the good conditions to attract investment, development corporation with national partners in the  big volumn industrialization zones the agri-seafood-forest processing factories, tourism areas, commercial service, human resource formation.