TRanslation 4

–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Steve jobs written by accos
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of accidental billionairs, Marc Zuckerberg Facebook.
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Steve jobs, think different.
Concept, philosophy, background:Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs ordered the creation of a campaign that reflected the philosophy he thought had to be reinforced within the company he once co-founded, but which was struggling at the time he came back.
There were at least 29 different Think Different posters created. The sets were as follows[citation needed]:
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5 (The Directors set, never officially released)
In addition, around the year 2000, Apple produced the ten, 11×17 poster set often referred to as “The Educators Set”, which was distributed through their Education Channels. Apple sent out boxes (the cover of which is a copy of the ‘Crazy Ones’ original TD poster) that each contained 3 packs (sealed in plastic) of 10 small/miniature Think Different posters.
Educator Set
Steve Jobs Thinks Different About The Concept Of Spending Money.
Steve Jobs Thinks Different About The Low Periods Of Industry Innovation
Steve Jobs Thinks Different About Asking For Help
Steve Jobs Thinks Different About Animation
Steve Jobs Thinks Different About Marketing
People learn their jobs by doing their jobs.
The 70 percent: learning from experience. People learn by doing. 
The 20 percent: learning through others. Learning is social.
Formal learning includes courses, workshops, seminars, online learning and certification training.
The 70-20-10 model depends on L&D teaming up with managers to improve learning across the company.
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Vietnews, the publication of Thanh nien,Young newspaper.
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Vietnam investment review.
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of The economist.
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Vietnam heritage magazine.
–         Translation French-Vietnamese of Reporters without borders-reporters sans frontieres.
–         Translation Vietnamese-English of John goes to find Hung-written by Trần Hùng John.
–         Translation Vietnamese-English of  VOA tieng viet
–         Translation Vietnamese-English Người Viet online
–         Translation Vietnamese-English Phố Bolsa-Bolsa town.
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Izmir brochure-Turkey
–         Translation English –Vietnamese of Intelligent energy magazine-Vietnam 9-2013-of Schneider electric
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Hatay brochure-Turkey
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Tarsus brochure-Turkey
–         Translation English-Vietnamese of Top Grad school-guide 2013-world grad school tour QS- The essential guide to your Masters and PhD studies:
Getting the numbers right.
Graduate employers: what they looking for?
The importance of interships.
Dreams do come true: meet 2012’s world grad school tour scholarship winners.
Admissions advice.
Choosing a Masters degree:vocational or traditional?
To PhD or not to PhD: that is the question.
The language of instruction:the rise in English language education offers new opportunities for international graduate students, writes Tim Rogers.
The best of the best: Danny looks at what the 2012 QS world university rankings by subject reveal about the best universities around the world.
The world’s top ten student cities.
Going Mediterrannean: studying in Greece.
Admissions tests at a glance: if you are thinking of studying at graduate level-particularly a Masters degree-you may be required to pass one or more standard admissions tests.These aim to ensure you are ready for the rigours of advanced study, particularly if you are studying abroad.
Masters or MBA? Which course should I take?
3continent master of global management:united states,australia,United Kingdom, Canada,Singapore and Malaysia,The Netherlands,France,Switzerland,Germany,Spain.
Subject guides: :Law,Business,Engineering,Accounting,Biology,History,Computer science,Economics,Maths,Media and communication studies.
Institution profiles: Australia,Austria,Belgium,France,Hongkobng,Italy,Netherlands, New zealand,Switzerland,United Kingdom,United sates: Australian National University,Monash University,The University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne,University of Queensland, University of Sydney,the University of Western Australia,Vienna University of Economics and Business,Antwerp Management school, Audencia Nantes school of management,EDHEC business school, EPITA graduate school of computer science,EmLYON business school, ESCP europe,ESSEC business school, HEC Paris,Paris Tech, City University of Hongkong,Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi,University of Trento,Duisenberg school of finance(and Law) Amsterdam, The Netherlands,The University of Auckland,University of Geneva,University of St.Gallen,Imperial College London,Imperial College Business school,King’s College London, Leeds Metropolitan University,London Business school, London school of economics and political science,Queen Mary, University of London, University College London, University of Kent, The University of Reading, St Andrews, Fordham University,Hult international business school.
–         Translation of Istanbul brochure-Turkey
–         Translation of Kusadasi brochure-Turkey.