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French-English: Science
For the combat against the copy and distribution of digital music, illegal producers of discs associated to anticopy logiciel files. These files limit at the same time the using of music, including anyones who are legally attached. Anh technics imaginary for remeditate to this problem are criticized, menace the individual liberty.The solution don’t come from technology but adaptation of author law and digital.
Anticopy Logiciel Fail.
The anticopy protections installed on the musical works online are failed: they are not against to telechargement pirates, make disappointing legal users. The solution don’t come to technology.
                                                                                                Charles Cuvelliez
Teacher in the polytechnic university of Bruxelles and in ingineer in a European group of telecommunication.
                                    Cecile Michaut
Is journalist scientific
Industry of disc don’t turn so roundly. Clients boudent albums on CD, legal telecharges are still famelic and certain artistes explore new mode of distribution in their music. One number of affair in low 45% in 5 years as representatives of disc house. For them, illegal telecharge and unique responsabilitary of this situation and the unique solutions are the protection anticopy of disc and repression of the illegal telecharge. So, one American tribune condemned one simple citoyen 220000euros of amendation for setting in disposition freely on its web music pieces. Certainly, therefore, beginning to evolate. Universal music so come up the protection anticopy on one party of the telechargeable catalog.
Anh then, if time of internet, it must all simply make off dusty the author right? There is still one fifteen of years very simple. One disc is one physical object, and while buying it, people has the authority to listen to it privately without limites. Certainly, “piratage existe then: ones copy one disc on cassette for the friends, ones register songs on radio.
Copy restriction:
For changes, disc industry invented musical disc, and called digital right management(DRM) (4 periods for one disc). But these discs are very bad seen by users coming legally one music on internet, because the impose strict limitations. Certain pieces then are not used on another reader MP3 or on other computer because it is used for buying piece of music. The copy with private title authorized for exemple for having a double version of music, one at home, other in the car, impossible. Then these discs limite more user of music at this analogic era when the copy with private title is tolerated.
In front of these restrictions, numerous consomators and artistes renacle. The success of webs for sales of music online have less weakness than protected works.Another side, big name of music tried by new mode of distribution. Then the group of British rock Radiohead put on hand their last album on the web: price, can also avoid, determined freely by one telecharging it. Surely, these discs are attacked, always with success. Orsurrounding: certain pirates recorded simply the music legally for rediffusing without frein. Certainly, this passage by a analogic signal (ones recorded the sound) for the numerate making lost of sound quality, but it exist nowadays programmes with the contents of piece played before even it don’t come on the sound card of computer. Then there is not digital conversion, then lost of quality.
Group of Radiohead pop rock takes part on pioneer of new means of distribution of musical production. Independent from internation of disc, Radiohead choosed, for the illegal telecharging, to let buyers fixing the buying price for their last album, issued in 2007.
Special origamis
It exists in Japon origamis animator, loving ply and reply airplain by paper. She asked scientifiques of university of Tokyo to study faisability to launch, from the special international station, 100 airplains by papercan(with really a lot of chance) finish their course by take on earth. About the tests, airplains by paper, resisting to the hotness, 7 centimeters long and 5 centimeters large, showed capable to resist to the winds of 8500 kilometers per hour and temperatures of 200oC. Still convincing NASA making fyling airplains by paper can constitute one saint and useful distraction for astronauts.
Breaking outside the clouds
One corner very frequent in the heart of Liverpool. Winter is glacial but male walkers pass outside the clouds… For a little one lady observe them(or at least believe that). Stuying along 3 months, 1000passages of walkers in that place, one equip of Oxford university shows that the taking risks for interesting the favors of one partner is one foce line of male comportement, for evoluation.
Smiling in the ear.
One smile, can be seen, but can be heard also. At a point that one can repair ear, in one speaking person,what kind of smiles animating the face, that still cached in eyes of one listening. For approving that, one researcher of Portsmouth university, in Royaunme-Uni, interview one group of voluntaries on what the like to do in summer. The interview is filmed a little futile, a little embarrassant, for provoking the smiles on one tells. 4 kinds of smiles can then be selectionned, that Duchenne(moi  in the back, small pommes and eyes, rides), real and sincere expression of happiness, on author of studying. Then the sound is soumised in ear of one test group showed capable to say who smile and commentary.
The black material in all the longer
The discouvery the bigest structures in black material never observed gives the new index on the general organization of Universal.
With near 270 millions of year of light of longer, the biggest structures of black material known are put on the day by the international equip of astronomes. One form, if it don’t take the sciences, push limites of observable and proved efficacity of technics used here: lentile gravitionnally weak.
One know that from the works of Albert Einstein: the material influence the light. In particularily, the light of far galaxies can be curved by the black material situated on its traject, this mean of nature known that ones detect only by gravitational effects. Photo is very deformed. This deformation,m known under the name of weak gravitational lentile, and infimed but make possible to the localization of black material. A lot of big programs of observation, Canada-France-Hawai telescope legacy survey(CFHTLS) or cosmos, with the spcial telescopeHubble, using then let this material to capting photo of one very big number of galaxies. Due to Megacam, the biggest camera CCD of the world installed on the telescope Canada-France-Hawai, 19astronomes implicated in the CFHTLS programs the observed next to 2 millions of galaxies in 3 regions of sky. Analysis statistic of photos, take a lot of years, then open the presence of phenomenaof weak gravitational lentile, attributed to the black material. Results: Sombre structures of 270 milliopns of years of light of longer. “never biger than observed but it exists probably more imposant, indicating Martin Kilbinger of Institut of astrophysic of Paris, member of equip. Almost important for us to prove that this method can helop us on the Universel structure.”