-cổ bản tẩu mã-rapid traditional music-vite traditionelle musique-zither

-minh hoàng thưởng nguyệt-king admire the moon,traditional music-roi comtemple la lune,traditionelle musique-zither

-ngụ giá đăng lâu-room is for submit to royal,traditional music-la chambre est pour submettre au royal,traditionelle musique-zither

-phò mã giao duyên-king’s son getting married,traditional music-le fils du roi se marie,traditionelle musique-zither

-ngự giá-submitting to royal,traditional music-submettre au royal,traditionelle musique-zither

-hồ lan-traditional music-traditionelle musique-zither

-vạn liên-connect,traditional music-connecter,traditionelle musique-zither

-song phi hồ điệp-2 flies for the repeat,traditional music-2 vols pour le repetation,traditionelle musique-zither